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Luxurious Skin Moisturizer Unscented


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Product Description

• One of our “Anywear, Anytime” moisturizers – gentle enough for the face and eye area • Soothing, natural and pure – combats dry skin
• Seals and protects
• Silky soft, made with macadamia nut oil and avocado butter

• Use sparingly, a little goes a long way

Made from the finest natural ingredients, our Luxurious Unscented Skin Moisturizer is a pure butter balm. We combine pure macadamia nut oil with the richness of avocado butter, cocoa butter and unrefined beeswax. It may be used “anywear” on the body, but is an excellent facial moisturizer. Applying a little around the delicate tissue of the eyes at bedtime will leave your skin protected and moisturized the whole night, helping to prevent wrinkles. A small amount under your makeup during the day is all that is needed to protect your skin from the harsh elements and to relieve dryness.

It has a light silky feel and is quickly absorbed into the skin. Soothing and pure, it also helps with stretch marks or scarring. A small amount dissolved in the bath will leave your skin silky soft for the ultimate bath oil treatment. Use sparingly – a small amount spreads, seals and protects. Hand crafted in small batches from PK Sonoma for your skin’s pleasure!

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1/4 oz, 3 oz


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